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6250 SS

6250 SS

Minimum Order Quantity: 

6250 SS

Safety Shower and eyewash operates independently by pull rod, hand push lever and foot lever.

Shower: Extra large drench shower head made of stainless steel.

Pipe: SS 304 pipe.

Valve: SS stay open ball valve with push plate.

Bowl: Receptor bowl made of SS and highly resistant to acid, alkali and oil among others.

Automiser Heads: Twin soft flow automiser head which has aerators to control the stream straightness and diameter, thus reducing splash by aerating the stream. It also controls to save water and reduce energy costs. The twin flow has cover which protects from dust and opens with water pressure.

Activation: shower - Pull rod; For eyewash – Push plate/ Foot paddle.

Water inlet and drain: 1-1/4 inches BSP.

Standard - IS: 10592:1982.

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