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Arc Flash Protective Suit 8 cal

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Quick Info

    • Material: ArcPro inherently flame retardant fabric
    • Grammage: 6.5oz/yd2 (220g/m2)
    • Style: Jacket, Pant, 8Cal Faceshield, 8Cal Gloves, Rubber insulating Gloves Class 0 in Kit Bag
    • Meets standards: NFPA 70E
    • ATPV: 8cal/cm2
    • Standards Tested: ASTM F2621, IEC61482, ASTM F1959

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Fabric Composition
Inherent Fabric: 65% Modacrylic, 33% Meta-Aramid & Para-Aramid and 2% Antistatic fiber
Inherent arc thermal performance value is due to its molecular structure. The fiber will not burn inherently. Its flame resistance comes from the fiber itself instead of the chemicals on the surface. Thus, the flame resistant performance is permanent and will not be washed out or worn away.

In a survey, compared with common flame resistant cotton, Nylon blended fabric and aramid fabric with the same grammage, ArcPro is more comfortable. It performs much better in the feelings of stabbing, weight, flexibility, stiffness, close-fitting, stuffiness and itchiness.

With much longer life, its inherent permanent protection will not degrade through wash or wear. And the fastness is twice that of common flame resistant cotton and Nylon blended fabric.